The New Zealand Wars: A Brief History
by Matthew Wright
Published by Libro International

Available now in bookstores nationwide.

This is a really handy little volume, particularly appealing due to the wealth of illustrations and photographs.cv_the_new_zealand_wars_a-brief_history

This book is based on an earlier work by Wright, Fighting Past Each Other (Reed, 2006) but this book seems to me to be targeted at a slightly more able reader than the first version. The New Zealand Wars has more detail and some greater depth to it, and will provide younger readers (and those not so familiar with this difficult period in our history) with a very good overview.

All of the major wars are covered, given context and background, and the main protagonists (for want of a better term!) are identified, with some interesting points made along the way.

I’d recommend this to school libraries, particularly to years 5-10, and to anyone wanting a readable home reference which won’t take up half your bookshelf!

Reviewed by Sue Esterman

The New Zealand…

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